Circular Sliding Doors

Circular Sliding Doors

Prestigious solutions that make difference…

Circular doors with all big features of Visio provide architects and designers to make an original design as well as providing quick opening, and safety. It offers a high standard and elegant solutions.

  • The belt system for the movement works with the double motor. The motors, control unit and belt system are integrated. They do not require separate installation work.
  • Doors with different angles and diameters are designed as concave or convex to provide a silent and smooth opening thanks to its flexible mechanism group
  • For prestigious entrances; We especially recommend circular doors for places where wide openings are required such as; hotels, banks, and offices.
  • There is a battery system to open the door during a power failure.
  • Aluminum profiles can be painted with electrostatic powder paint with the desired color of minimum 2.5 mm wall thickness or with anodizing process. It can be coated with stainless steel if desired.
  • All glass and different profile options are available upon request.
  • Color glass can be used to provide visual integrity.
  • The wings can be made semi-circular, circular and curvilinear.
  • The guide can be applied under the ground when the place is windy and wide.
  • 5-year motor warranty.
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