Garden Gate Motors

Garden Gate Motors

Motorized sliding gates (sliding garden gates) are doors that move on a shaft mounted on the ground and are driven by a motor. Sliding doors can have wide opening widths. Pedestrian crossing and these gates can be combined. Sidewall doors can be produced in different sizes and models.

Square and rectangular iron profiles and the planned boards, timber and profiles between them are collected by high-quality welding.

Various motor models can be selected for the doors from 400 kg to 3500 kg. In case of power failure, manual operation can be used. Convenient operation, silent operation, built-in flasher, and safety photocell can also be selected.

The overload working feature protects the system with a thermal switch from excessive stresses due to ice, dust, etc. This will cause door movement to stop if necessary.

The electronic control unit allows setting parameters such as; operating time, partial opening, in some models; speed control, automatic shutdown time.

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    With the experience, it gained in Antalya and its neighboring provinces, it opened its first branch in August 2008 with the aim of spreading the same service concept in Bursa and neighboring cities which are some of the most important industrial cities of our country.

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