Automatic sliding doors are designed to meet the modern requirements of the interior design. They are wise to develop commercial spaces and working environments. It is ideal for office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, and others.

Otomatik Kapı Sistemleri
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Our team of experts, the documents we have prepared a smooth communication and customer satisfaction in Pandora Yapı.

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We offer minimum cost and aesthetic solution ideas for your project and add value to your project.

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We have completed the orders in the specified time, complete and without delay to make the assembly.

We add value to your project without compromising on quality with competitive prices and provide the highest quality with minimum cost.
Nice Bariyer Sistemleri

Automatic arm barriers are used to control the safety of entry and exit of industrial facilities, offices, corporate firms, residential areas, parking spaces and paid parking lots.

It is also used to control pedestrian and vehicle entry. The barrier systems sold by PANDORA are high performance and suitable for operation under all conditions.

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    Pandora Construction & Engineering was established in Januarry 2005 with the aim of serving Antalya and surrounding cities in the sales of building elements and automatic systems.
    Our company, by signing a first in its fiels , covered a huge gap in its region by incorporating all of the product sales , assembly and after-sales services.
    With the experience , we gained in Antalya and its surrounding cities, it opened its first branch in August 2008 with the aim of spreading the same service approach in Bursa, which is one of the most important industrial cities of country and surrounding cities.
    Our company’s sales list includes the wold’s leading brands and our company is the regional seller of some of these products and the importer of some of them.
    The company’s sales list consists of aluminum residential shutters , workplace shutters, photocell sliding doors , industrial doors ,ramps and bellows , fast pvc doors, sectional garage doors , sliding garden doors , 90 degree opening garden doors , barriers and mosquito nets.
    Pandora Engineering is the leader in sales and after-sales services on a regional basis with its engineers, technical staff and sales employees.

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